The Economic Problems of Sierra Leone

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Sierra Leone or the Republic of Sierra Leone is West African country that borders to the north and east with Guinea, to the southeast with Liberia, and to the west and southwest with Atlantic Ocean. It is a beautiful country with white sand beaches, orange and coconut trees all around, and people of good hearts; however Sierra Leone or Sa Lone in its native language, Krio, has been underdeveloped and was struggling for many years to gain its independence as a British Colony. Even thou, now Sierra Leone is a constitutional republic and got its independence 49-years ago, the country has been struggling with rebellious forces called Revolutionary United Force, and the corrupted government. Now, Sierra Lone is facing not only economic issues …show more content…
Also, On August 17, 2010 current President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma, disclosed that “his government is committed to reducing our dependence on foreign aid by increasing internally generated revenue“(Sierra Leone to Reduce Dependency on Foreign Aid, 2009). The last argument describing Sierra Leone’s economic underdevelopments is the fact that it lacks infrastructure and industrialization due to corrupted government. The country “is lacking of electricity, weakened public institutions, poor governance, and unethical leadership are the colossal symptoms of the collective challenges and weak economy. Additionally, government has permeated corruption in an abstract or non-strategic sense that, a low or no salary payment has triggered the institutionalization of corrupt practices in the civil services and the police force” (Sierra Leone’s Common Enemies: Poverty and Underdevelopment, 2010). A decade of civil war destroyed the country completely and the human resource capacity’s has been affected as well; “The road system is in serious need of repair, as the lack of resources has led to neglect. The small railway system is used very infrequently because the mines it leads to have been closed” (Sierra Leone). Continuing, the underdeveloped economy has been influenced by corrupted government that instead of protecting the rights and living standards of many Sierra Leoneans, exploited its nation, sold


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