Sex, Lies, and Conversation

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Tannen: "Sex, Lies, and Conversation" #2 The first thing that comes to my mind when reading an article like this is, "Has this writer maybe encountered frustrating situations like this before?", or "Is the writer possibly trying to express personal emotions in the topic discussed?" Whatever the case may be, the point she is trying to make is clear to me. It is the events and relationships that happen early on in life that may interfere and have effect on the intimate relationships that occur later on in life. This holds some truth in my opinion, and must be examined carefully to make sure and read between all the lines. Let us not neglect important detail and variables. The way she describes the differences in being raised may …show more content…
It is described later in the article that the male actually sits up during the conversation on his own will, simply because of the compassion he felt for his companion. I can understand how these habits and rituals may come into conflict during marriage and intimate relationships later on in life. Because of the seriousness of marriage, and the intricate relationship that has been built thus far, it may cause serious conflict when these problems arise. I feel like one must realize though, that these conversational problems are superficial and harmless. Like I stated before it is just in the blood for males to act the way they do. It doesn't mean that we don't care, or we aren't listening. It doesn't mean that we don't feel emotion, or feelings. It simply means that we listen in a different way, or care in a different way. All guys are different though. I've ran into guys that show no feeling at all, while I have some friends that act like guys half the time. All in all it boils down to the DNA, what we were born with. Males just have to uphold that status or it just doesn't feel right. So the next time your companion says, "Are you listening to me?!", just reply, "Yes dear, just in a way that you wouldn't understand." That should set things


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