International Student Interview Essay

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Toni Murphy
Ali Rezaie
ENGL 2025 Why Can’t We be Friends?

There are one hundred and ninety six different countries in the world. There are thousands of ethnic groups among these countries. Within all of the diverse places we are all similar because we are all human. We have the same wants and same needs; the only thing that makes us different is the location we originated. Here in the United States, Americans, whether realizing it or not, consider themselves higher in status. Even though they are diverse within themselves, the whole is considered the superior people by not only themselves but by surrounding countries as well. They have first-rate justice systems, improved living situations, high-class transportation, finer
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He showed her all of our fine cuisines like hamburgers, French fries, and cherry pie. He also showed her all of our past times, like movie theaters, malls, and
Now this was an interesting topic, and for anyone curious about Indian cultures when this interracial relationship came up, a question urgently needed an answer. “Are interracial relationships looked at differently in India compared to the United States?” Apparently Runa thought this was a very amusing question. She responded with a chuckle. The way she described this sensitive topic was that Indian culture is fairly similar to American culture. “We may dress differently, speak different languages, practice different beliefs, but overall we are no different in our beliefs about these things. My family is more liberal than others and it’s OKAY that I live with my non-Indian boyfriend in the United States and I am making something of myself. Now if I were in a very small traditional family they would probably have issues with it, just like some very religious or prominent family might with their sons or daughters in the United States.”
She has a very interesting view of the world after experiencing both places completely across the map from one another; “What if it was more about people and less about the culture? What if things like skin color, food, religion, and region were just trivial points that were destined to keep different sectors of the world on


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