“a Doll’s Trifles” a Essay Comparing the Plays “Trifles” and “Dollhouse.”

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“A Doll’s Trifles”

A essay comparing the plays “Trifles” and “Dollhouse.”

Joshua Long

English 102 Amy Lannon March 21, 2012
Our society’s gender roles are constantly evolving and changing, all in the name of “progressive thinking”, though not all for the good. With a new “social norm” appearing every few years or so, it comes as a surprise that it
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Krogstad; however, it is unjust that is at the very heart of the challenges issued to Nora in “A Doll's House” that an otherwise harmless woman is forced to break what tradition would assert to be true and step out of “her boundaries” by doing so.
However, it is not only Minnie Foster’s and Nora’s crimes that challenge such gender dynamics, but the actions and circumstances of their supporting casts as well. One example being that in at least one of the relationships in “A Doll House,” there is a complete reversal of typical gender assignments: it is exampled when Kristine Linde takes Mr. Krogstad’s job. Kristine, a woman who proves herself capable of solving her own problems by herself—without any man’s aid—during the events events that unfold. Not only does she replace him at the bank where Torvald, Nora’s husband, is to serve as manager, but also later renews the relationship