Self Forgiveness

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| Shelia B. Hall | | Liberty University | 1/18/2015 |


Since 1985 there has been a tremendous increase in research regarding intrapersonal forgiveness, but very little regarding self-forgiveness. The purpose of this article was to bring attention to the topic of self-forgiveness within this growing body of research. The definitions of self-forgiveness from many disciplines were reviewed along with what features of self-forgiveness differ from those of intrapersonal forgiveness emphasizing the need for an increase in empirical research on the subject matter.
There are many unanswered questions regarding self-forgiveness. It is questioned if the true self-forgiveness yields the same result as pseudo
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The first step I would take would be to discuss the situation that he or she was not able to forgive-themself for. Based on this I would be able to determine who was hurt by the situation. This could be himself, or another person. I would also be able to determine if self-forgiveness was an appropriate goal to work for. If the harm that the person believes was his fault was not, it may be more appropriate to work on helping the person realize that he has nothing to be sorry for. If self-forgiveness were the appropriate course to take with this person we would move to the next step.
After assessing the situation I would help the person begin the self-evaluation process. In order to truly forgive oneself he or she must be able to take responsibility for his or her action. Once a person is able to acknowledge and truly understand that his or her actions were wrong we could move into why they choose that course of behavior. This could lead to many different things. The root of the problem could be a personality trait, family background or upbringing, addiction, and many other things. It is important to help the person realize why he or she made the decision that lead to someone becoming hurt so that they are able to believe that they are capable of doing better in the future.
Finally we would work on letting go of self-contempt and hatred because of what


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