Apply Dsm-Iv to William Styron

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Human Behavior in the Social Environment III

Client: William Styron

Axis I 296. 25 Major Depressive Disorder, Single Episode, In Partial Remission

Axis II 799.9 Deferred

Axis III Deferred

Axis IV Recent awarding ceremony Problems related to the social environment: Death of friends Problems with primary support group: Unsolved grief

Axis V GAF= 50 GAF= 65 SOFAS = 45 SOFAS = 70

Defensive Functioning Scale

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Therefore Styron’s father’s depression can be viewed as a risk factor to Styron’s later depression. In the narrative of Styron, he stated his dependence on alcohol and the overuse of Halcion for his sleeping problem. Excessive alcohol consumption significantly increases the risk of developing major depression (Gottlieb). Similar to alcohol, the increased risk for developing depression in benzodiazepines might be due in part to effects of drugs on neurochemistry, like decreased levels of serotonin and norepinephrine (Pittenger & Duman, 2008). Styron himself acclaims that “more significant factor” (Styron, 1990) to his depression was the death of his mother when he was thirteen. In order to view psychological factor in Styron’s case Styron’s early mother lost has strong affect on his depression. Attachment theory predicts a relationship between depressive disorder and the early bond between the child and parents. Particularly the experiences of early loss, separation may all lead to insecure internal working models (Ma, 2006). To Styron, the death of his mother has “created nearly irreparable emotional havoc” (Styron, 1990) for him. This huge hole in his life may lead to his insecure and self-worthlessness. This insecure internal working models manifest through depressed individuals often blaming themselves for negative events and may not taking credit for positive outcomes. Styron reaction towards can be interpreted as he subconsciously felt