Dbms Function

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1. While users were updating the Premiere Products database, one of the transactions was interrupted. You need to explain to management what steps the DBMS will take to correct the database. Using the sample log in Figure 7-1 1, list and describe the updates that the DBMS will roll back if transaction 2 is interrupted at 8:10.
In transaction 2, the DBMS started it at 8:01, added an Orders table record at 8:02, and added an Order Line table record at8:05 and added an Order Line table record at 8:09. To roll back the transaction, the DBMS deletes the three added records.

2. Occasionally, users at Premiere Products obtain incorrect results when they run queries that include built-in (aggregate, summary, or statistical) functions. The DBA
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Statistical databases are great for when you need statistical information however there is a problem with the sparseness that can occur inside them, sometimes 40% to 50%, while there are ways to deal with this it still remains a valid issue. A pro of statistical databases is that they support analysis techniques that go beyond whets offers. While they are great for analysis purpose, they have little other functionalities which provides for compromise in many situations that can create unneeded troubles.

5. The DBA at Premiere Products wants out to investigate biometric identification techniques for potential use at the company for computer authentication purposes. Use books, articles, and/or the Internet to research these techniques, then write a report that describes the advantages and disadvantages of each of these techniques. In addition, recommend one technique and provide a justification for your recommendation.
Biometric identification techniques include using characteristics of a person like fingerprints, DNA, and behavior to identify them, thus creating security for the computer use. As far as identifying by behavior, typing speed, gait, and voice can be used to identify the individuals. It is not easily forge where as with many authentication systems are. Companies with good authentication systems can protect


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