Learning Organizations in Global Environment: Do They Exist?

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Korenkova Alexandra

Essay on topic: Learning organizations in global environment: do they exist?

In today's dynamic and unstable operating conditions of enterprises the ability to innovate is a key factor of survival and success of the organization. Innovations in this case are understood in a broad sense – it means not only to create and offer a new product, but rather the ability of the organization continually develop creative solutions to problems and challenges. In this regard, the role of intangible assets of the organization, especially the knowledge and experience, should be possessed by members of the organization. The concept of "learning organization” forms the approach to management, allowing the most efficient use of data
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* Systemic thinking of the employee as feature of learning organisation. P. Senge considers systemic thinking as the most important condition for the appearance and functioning of the learning organization because it serves as a guarantee that all the characteristics of learning organization will evolve in the complex. Thus, systemic thinking should be inherent not only to managers but to all the employees of the learning organization.
In accordance with the approach of P. Senge, systemic thinking skill is considered as a condition for opening defects of mental models, and the ability to recognize their errors, in turn, which is key factor of creating a learning organization. As practical measures to implement the introduction of systemic thinking J. Forrester suggests involvement in the initial phase training expert, who will be thoroughly and systematically investigate the mental models and then create from them a computer model that will demonstrate the errors in reasoning. P. Senge proposes the creation of "polygons" or "learning laboratories" in which people can test their mental models and see the dynamics of systems in the risk-free environment, using computer models. This model creates as close to real life situations and develops the ability to assess the correlation of events. * Expertise of the employee as feature of


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