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Due to the advanced technology nowadays, the use of computer is getting more popular in addition to that of the Internet. The age of users is also becoming younger. Most adolescents tend to stick to their computers everyday without caring the surrounding.

Recently, a piece of news mentioned that the post 80s are having the symptom of relying too much on web search engines which help users find specific information by typing keywords only1. They think that searching by engines can obtain accurate data and save time. They are said to have ‘search engines dependence’ which means that they rely on searching every word without thinking nowadays. According to the survey conducted by the China Youth Daily Social Survey Centre,
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“Search engines such as Google are so easy and immediate that many young people, faced with a research assignment, just ‘google’ their way through the internet rather than struggle through the hoops of a more traditional library environment.”6 It reflected that people tend to search rather than think by themselves when they seek a solution. Without any thinking, secondary students may have a lower ability in thinking if they tend to rely on search engines a lot.

In regard to an article Searching for the Google Effect on People's Memory in a well-known magazine Science published in July 2011, Betsy Sparrow believes that people are using the net as an individual memory bank and they rely on non-memorized information that can be searched in the Internet again and again. It is called the Google Effect. She did a series of experiments to test the future reliance of people on the web search engines rather than memorizing the content on their own. She carried out a test called Stroop task with 106 undergraduates. When they see the coloured words that they are thinking about like Yahoo and Google, they will react more slowly. The result showed that they want to search all the times for answers. Therefore, it further showed that secondary students may also have the problem of lack of thinking and memorizing skills with the wide use of search


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