Google’s Country Experiences: France, Germany, Japan

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1. How does a search engine work and make money?
Google’s search engine allows users to input and submit data online. In return, the user would receive relevant search results. Behind the scenes upon the submission, web crawlers scan through billions of pages and link keywords from a user’s data to the publish data on the web. Their PageRank technology ranks these pages by the number and popularity of other sites that link to the page. This provides the user with accurate and popular results. Google search engines generated high revenues between advertising on its websites and selling its technology to other sites.
2. What is the exportability of a search engines technology and business model?
In 2007, Google has exported its search
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They sensed pre-eminence in consumer electronics has faded from hardware.
Overall, among all of the controversy among France, Germany, and Japan Google focused on R&D in Europe and considered to collaborate with Japans largest mobile networks to offer consumers easier usability. Google still maintains 85% to 89% of the French and German markets. These governments have yet fully implemented their search engine capabilities against Google.
3. Is the threat, from the government-sponsored search engines, real or imagined? What can Google do to secure its dominance in those countries? What can Google learn from those experiences to guide its entry strategy for other countries?
Yes, the governments of France, Germany, and Japan sponsored search engines are real and is a threat to Google’s dominance and market share. Google plans to overcome critical issues that have been assessed and addressed to equally benefit all parties through R&D. Overall it comes down to preference and what users feel comfortable with and there governments listening to those demands from there citizens. Google slowly takeovers smaller search engines that eventually gains and secures victory, they venture with larger companies who they can benefit from so that they can gain a stronger foundation. In every business, there is a learning curve which strategic plans alter more frequently due to unforeseen circumstances and through alterations Google finds


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