Science Essay

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GAC023 Assessment Event 2

Local Environment Survey

Name: Toby Ma
Teacher’s name: Steven Tan
Due date: 24/12/2013
Word count: 1,209

This report was aimed to investigate the component and feature of a chosen area near a lake in Qinhuangdao No.1 Middle School. The result of the research showed the physical and biological components of the quadrat area and what were the negative impact drawn by human activity on the ecosystem. During the investigation, ruler and camera were used to collect data and pictures. Also, three tables, a food chain, and a food web were drawn to clearly illustrate the findings. In the third part, the classifications of the five
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What ranks last but one in the food chain is the unknown insects, which are eaten by birds. For certain, Sparrows are on the top of the food chain.)
In this investigation, the type of rock found in this quadrat area is metamorphic rock, and the soil type is sandy soil since the weather is so dry, cold, and windy. The rest of the abiotic variables which affect the quality of the local environment are shown infra.
Table 3:
Water quality it was a bit polluted, because the water was stagnated
Air quality a little smoggy since the air pollution
dry and cold (the temperature was under 2 Celsius Degree in the research date)
some parts were sufficient, because of the shade of trees
(Because there was no water source in the quadrat area, the water quality was referred to the quality of the lake.)
Unfortunately, during the research, some waste paper and a bottle of can were found, and air pollution was recorded in the table, which manifests human activity in this area (includes processing industry and manufacturing industry). Also, because of the trample on the site, some clusters of weeds and other types of vegetation were dead and withered. Hence, human activity negatively influences the living environment of animals and stifles the growth of vegetation.
4.0 Discussion
The findings of this research have clearly and effectively presented the features and


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