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Write about your intended research in not less than 500 words. Set out the problem that you want to examine or the central question that you wish to address and briefly explain the broad background against which you will conduct your research.
Include a brief overview of the general area of study within which your proposed research falls

Nowadays the only constant in the world especially in the business world are changes
And enhancements. And the key to the success and survival of the company is the Change Management.

But how we would able to know if the company is at risk and in need or desperately must Have a Change Management? Because we definitely need to consider several factors in change management. Like the current work
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Be realistic with your budget.

4.) Set a time frame. The pace of change has a large influence on how effectively the change is implemented, as well as how people respond. Move too slowly and you lose momentum and interest. Move too quickly and staff members will feel confused or disoriented. Write your change management plan to reflect an appropriate pace for your organization.

5.) Reflect on how these changes will affect different groups of people. Leaders often look at how the change will affect the entire organization, failing to consider how each department will have to deal with the change. Ask department leaders how an anticipated change might affect their schedules, workload, and resources. Also, look at how the change will affect your customers.

6.) Identify potential obstacles. There are several things that could get in the way of the change being implemented effectively. List these in your change management plan. Though you cannot anticipate all of them, identify what you can and create plans to help you work around them.

7.) Put the plan on paper. Once you get a basic change management plan figured out, it is time to write it down. Use whatever format works best for you. You may want to have a more detailed copy that includes information that general staff members do not need to know (e.g., potential obstacles).
List the problem at the top and clearly explain why it needs to be changed.
Identify the big idea


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