Dating the Rocks of the Grand Canyon (Old Earth vs. Young Earth)

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This is a comparative essay and its purpose is to compare old-Earth and young-Earth viewpoints on Dating the rocks of the Grand Canyon. There are different views on this and no scientific method that can prove (completely) the age of the universe or the earth. There are the use of different types of calculations that can provide some guesses on the age of the earth. Many things need to be assumed such as a beginning date and the speed of change along with varying increases and decreases of material over time. “Young-Earth Creationism” (YEC) is based on a precept that earth and the universe were created by God, only 6,000 years ago in six days. Their position is that by examining geological records the scientific details of
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We have concert today and of course this takes only hours to harden. This can and has happened in nature. Young- Earthers point out that "Radiometric dates use unproven and consequential assumptions, these methods measue the quantity of certain elements that result from the radioactive decay of other elements, and thereby in geology attempt to date the time that has passed since a given material hardened into stone.”
Comparison of the Viewpoints
Both YEC and OEC agree, God has Created it all. Only their interpretation of the first 11 chapters of Genesis differ. They both say we should not have blind faith. We should have a correct understanding of our faith and the word of God on this issue. Other than those two areas YEC and OEC rarely agree on anything to do with this issue.

Contrast of the Viewpoints
Young-Earth Creationist interpret the scripture with a traditional / literal way. Viewing it to mean 6 literal days equaling 144 literal hours. On the other hand, Old Earth Creationist believe that the universe and the earth along with all forms of life, including humans, were not created in the short span of the past 10,000 years. They view this as happened over billions of years. They see the 6 days as being something called “day-ages or epochs.” This is only one of the areas the two groups disagree on. Another area would be radiometric dating. Old Earth Creationist agree that the measurements from radiometric dating are contradictory at times but accepts