Sample Business Plan

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XYZ Company Limited
The Old Manor House
Somewhere Down South
Avalon AV1 234B
Tel: 01234 567 890 Fax: 01234 567 891

Executive Summary

The executive summary is the most important part of the business plan. Many people will only read this. The summary in itself will not secure an investor, however, it can loose them.

Quality - the quality of the summary must therefore be outstanding and you should pay particular attention to it. Obtain critical feedback from others on your drafts.

Stand-alone - it is also used as a stand-alone document when introducing the project to others so it must be able to capture interest and
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Do you have any major alliances with other organizations, if so how do they add value / contribute to the business in outline terms. What is the basic nature of the relationship?

What is your organizational structure? (Include an organization chart if appropriate).

Outline where you want to go from here - what you want to achieve. What are the company's main aims and objectives? Quantify these. What are the next key stages and milestones?

Organisational Structure Chart (Double-Click to Edit)

Products and Services

 Describe your products / services in clear and simple terms
 What consumer need is being satisfied by these products that is not being satisfied at present?
 Explain any performance advantages / value advantages over rival products
 List any other unique features
 Intellectual property – are any patents or trademarks involved or required?
 Price and pricing strategy – what price will you products sell at and what is the pricing strategy behind this decision. How does this compare with rivals?
 State the costs of production and distribution, and so the resulting margins on sale
 Describe any wholesaler or retailer margins involved and how this compares with rivals
 Communicate any further planned products / development and when you expect them to reach market / bear fruit.


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