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Sampling and Data Collection Plan


October 27, 2014

Royal Blue Airlines is a medium sized airline company offering flights throughout the United States, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, and Latin America. The company operates a fleet of Boeing 737 aircrafts and is in the process of replacing older ones with newer, state-of-the-art planes. These new planes are very expensive, so management wants to maximize passenger count. A study has been authorized to determine: Is there is a difference in the number of passengers taking flights (DV) that are based upon certain days of the week (IV)?
Population and Size
The population for this study consists of airline passengers that numbers in the
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The surveys will be placed in an envelope labeled by flight number and day of the week, and collected at each airport nightly during the month. The envelopes from each airport will be sent nightly to corporate headquarters so the surveys can be accounted. Each survey will be a record in a dedicated, secure database so other research and reporting can be done. Only database administrators will have access to the database to reduce the chance of fraud or to tamper with the data.
Royal Blue Airlines has experienced a range in passenger count and management wants to know if it occurs on certain days of the week. This research study is designed to be simple in its execution and deliver reliable and valid results every time. The feedback from the survey will help determine why passengers fly on specific days allowing management to tailor a strategy for increasing passenger count on days with fewest passengers.
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Appendix A
Survey Questionnaire
1) Do you typically fly for business, personal reasons, or some other reason?
a. Business
b. Personal
c. Other __________________________________________________