Roles in Sound Recording Studio

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Krzysztof Olechowski

Roles, Relationships, and Contracts in the Recording Industry.

Sound Engineer


A sound engineer is technician who operates and maintains the machines and equipment when recording and broadcasting music, sound effects, film audio, live events and video production.
He works in entertainment industry and is a pivotal part of the process of creating state of audio projects, video, radio shows and live projects.


Some sources which I have already checked says that sound engineers generally work in studio setting equipment etc. but they work also at various venues, including outdoors, depending on the specifics of the project.
However, bullet points below put together
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Although sometimes the utility pulls cable, he (or she) is more than a “just” cable person. The utility often acts as a second boom operator or second mixer when either of two are busy or the specific shot calls for two instead of one.

Sound technicians assemble, operate and maintain technical equipment to amplify, enhance, record, mix or reproduce sound for films, televisions programmes and live performances, including theatre.

Their tasks include:

* Setting up, testing and operating equipment to suit the acoustics * Selecting, placing and adjusting microphones * Monitoring audio signals to detect sound-quality deviations or malfunctions * Anticipating and correcting any problems * Consulting with producers and performers to determine the sound requirements * Servicing, maintaining and repairing sound equipment

In film, television and radio, working with live and recorded sound, their work can include recording and balancing speech for radio plays or discussions, and playing music or sound effects into a live programme.

During recording, technicians monitor the sound through headphones.
They may work on consoles with faders, switches and a host of other controls, which allow them to balance, boost and mix sound.

Typical work activities The specific activities carried out by a sound technician vary according to the sector in which they are


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