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Creating A Marketing Plan
Aneez Mohammed
Columbia Southern University

A company is defined through its strengths ,weakness , opportunities and threats. The term SWOT is the analysis known as the scanning of any corporation to measure its performance for future. This paper discusses a marketing plan of Arimount's new product sshhh! deodorant and briefly discusses the top three competitors.

A Marketing Plan
The concept of marketing is to deliver products to consumers with the ability of making an impact that meets the needs of profitability. Keller (2012) states marketing is about identifying the human and social needs through furnishing consumers." The aim of marketing is
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(3.2) Marketing Objectives To penetrate the market with strong sales growth each quarter and to achieve higher sales goals with the new product. (3.3) Financial Objectives To have returns on the investment that is above average. And to maintain a research and development relative to sales for future products . (3.4) Target Markets Target markets are consumers of deodorant users. The sshhh! deodorant would expand in the market through advertising aimed at athletes and those individuals who perspire excessively.

(3.5) Positioning Arimount's sshhh! deodorant is a hygiene product for all ages including those that have active lifestyles and women who need a lasting affect for longer periods of time. This positioning will be achieved through its competitive edge because of it new chemical . (3.6) Strategies The main objective is to be a leader in the industry and top the market share with its new innovative product. The idea would be to create even larger customer base in the domestic and international market . The product will have a lot of financial investments because of the new chemical. The current website would include other items with the purchase of the new sshhh deodorant The marketing strategy would also focus on customer awareness (Keller,2012). (3.7) Marketing Program The program would include a distribution, advertising, promotion and customer service and


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