Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources Practitioner

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Rebecca Laura Frodsham

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Tutor: Alana Clough

Module: Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources Practitioner

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The purpose of this report is to identify the knowledge, skills and behaviour that is required to be an effective HR practitioner. Looking at different areas, such as insight, strategy and solutions, leading HR. I will then look at the professional area of service delivery and information and look at the activities and knowledge that relates to my current HR role and why.

I will also look at the most effective ways for communication as an HR professional within my current organisation, and also the most effective ways to deliver a service. Looking at time management,
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I would then follow up with a call later on. It is important to keep in contact so the client does not feel ignored and undervalued. This would take me 10 minutes.
I would then contact my managing director and set a time for the disciplinary that day, it is important to discourage negative behaviour quickly so that it doesn't effect the working environment.
My final customer would be the consultant, finding out their bonus is important to them, but not crucial to the running of the business. I would set a time to find the details and email the figure over to them.

Communication is very important in my job role and it is always important to know when it is best to use the various types. There are a few types of communication that are best suited to particular events. I generally use three different communication methods, the first being face to face. This type of communication is effective in times when you need to be forceful and get a task done straight away, you cannot press delete or ignore someone that is stood in front of you. This being said, face to face can also cause some problems, it is difficult to hide emotions, you have no camouflage. In a disciplinary it is important to remain emotionless, your face can be a give away if you disagree with a situatuion.
Another for of communication can be technology based, I for example use emails on a regular basis. Emails are great because


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