Wanted by Caroline B. Cooney Summary

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Wanted by Caroline B. Cooney
Alice Robie is a 15 year old girl. She was visiting her father during one of her “custody weekends”. She gets a strange call from her father telling her to drive his most prized car, Corvette, which he wouldn’t let anyone touch. In the book it said that was one reason why her parents were divorced because her mother thought he loved the car more than her. Her father told her to get two disks and drive to where they eat ice cream most of the time. In my opinion I felt that the main character took to long to complete this task. But before she could live the house a strange yet familiar person invades her looking for the disk her father told her to bring. Fortunately she was hiding with the disk under the
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Unsuccessfully he catches her book bag and leaves her alone.
Alice runs into a park where she sees one of her friends. She starts to think about if her friends would believe her since her mother didn’t believe her. She bumps into a man. The man had questioned Alice if she was Alice but she had to lie. However the man tells her that he called the police and Alice away without looking suspicious. Alice tries to buy breakfast from the diner. Unfortunately she sees Paul who finally recognize her and he chases after her she runs until she is at the university again she goes back to the dorm and takes clothes from someone’s room and she notices that owner of the room is very neat; it reminds her of her father. She decides to turn herself, goes to her house. Lucky enough the police are not there. She sends her mother an email saying that she didn’t commit the crime. She reads more of the document and finds out that her father’s brother was killed by his boss because he knew something that he wasn’t supposed to know. Her uncle worked as computer person that recovers lost data. Her father knew who killed her brother no one believed him. Everyone believed he was killed by car. Her father was mad and wanted to get revenge. Her father become a computer data recover. He was close to exposing the man who killed his brother when the man killed him.
A fax message came in from on her dad’s co-worker. Her dad’s co-worker sends that he got