Applying the Full-Range Leadership Model

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Full-Range Leadership Model Essay
Capt Dee “SpeeDee” Randolph
SOS 2010G C-35
27 Sep 2010

Safety First is a phrase most have heard throughout their career, but what impact does that have when there is an increase of safety incidents on base? Newly appointed safety officers inherit any outstanding safety challenges as well as any benchmark programs that brings safety to light. However, if the program is broken the safety officer must utilize the skills harbored within assigned personnel to make a difference for the betterment of the wing. As the new wing safety officer, I have been tasked to eradicate the trends in safety mishaps and make sure there is a process in place to prevent future occurrences. This paper will outline an
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Lt Johnson’s motivation could be increased if there was an incentive for him to use his creative mind to provide contributions. Moreover, IM and delegation of tasks could expose a hard worker ready to shine. Using CR could also be advantageous if the reward involved him regaining flying status.
The Plan of Action
Using the six step problem solving process to formulate the plan of action, the first step in this process would be to identify the problem to the team- there is an increased trend in safety mishaps off base that needs to be abolished. As the team lead, I would utilize my resources’ strengths and assign them roles in the process. Deadlines will be set to keep all on task and for a swift implementation. Next, information regarding this problem should be gathered. Research should be accomplished to look at previous successful safety campaigns. Mr. DeBurgh would be tasked with this research as well as a comparison to the recent trend of safety mishaps. The comparison should take in account any factors due to generational differences. SSgt Williamson would assist as she knows the report filing and has been successful in other safety campaigns. Since the mishaps occurred off base other data to collect may include possible solutions available in the civilian sector such as providing additional signage in high risk areas, information on defensive driving classes, or additional police presence.


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