Marine Corp 14 Leadership Traits

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I believe a leader has many things to describe them. They have many characteristics, for example the 14 leadership traits. J.J.D.I.D.T.I.E.B.U.C.K.L.E. I’ll write them in my own words and what they mean to me. I believe the LT judgment is the ability to weigh the starting, midway, and outcome of any decision and decide which would be best for his junior marines, which way would be able to incorporate the strength of his marines, be open for other suggestions too because there are so many angles that a situation can be looked at and you might miss something when someone might see it, and most of all be able to carry out the mission the most successful way possible. Next is justice, I believe that justice is a good thing to have when it’s …show more content…
If you are loyal to your marines they will be loyal to you in turn. Finally there is endurance. The drive to never quit, never stop, to keep going and overcome all odds. Everyone can learn and gain from having improved endurance. Those are what a leader is to me and what I believe a good leader has, obviously they can’t have them all and they will have them in their own way which also would work. There are many ways you can approach this and still be a great leader and maybe not have all of them. Every leader is different. But all in all this is what I would like to be when I grow in the ranks I want to be there for my marines, I want them to be able to come to me with their problems and I’ll do my best to help them in their problems and set their mind at ease with so they can focus on the mission at hand which should be the goal of all leaders. This is what I hope to achieve and be able to grow in this way to better myself and the marines below


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