Elizabeth Visits Gpc’s French Subsidiary Discussion Questions

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1. What can Elizabeth Moreno do to establish a position of power in front of French managers tohelp her accomplish her assignment in five days? Explain.

The French tend to regard authority as residing in the role and not the person; Elizabeth willneed to find subtle ways to accentuate her expertise, her advanced degree in Chemistry, andher role as Vice President. Further, she will need to demonstrate an intellectual flexibilitywhile allowing the French to show their ability to grasp complex issues and evaluatesolutions. 2. What should Elizabeth know about “high-context” vs. “low-context” cultures in Europe?

Countries in Europe do not share the same
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4. how can technical language differ from everyday language in corporate communications? Simply because when we talk about firms, corporates, etc it means we talk about organizational cultures with its formality. That automaticaly differentiate the use of language from everyday’s life language.

Develop Cultural Sensitivity

Elizabeth must inform her peers that it is very important to know the receiver and to translate the message in a form that will most likely be understood as anticipated. Employees must make sure there messages goes through to the receivers, in order to do that they should become aware of their own cultural and way of speaking and how it affects the communicating process in a different Country.

Careful encoding

In translating his or intended meaning into symbols for cross cultural communication the sender must use words, picturs or gestures that are appropriate to the recivers frame of reference.

Language translation is only part of the encoding process; the message also Proemics-deals with the influence if proximity and space on communicatin with both personl space and office lay out.

What should Elizabeth include in her report, and what should be the manner in which it is communicated so that future executives and scientists avoid communications pitfalls?

The report Elizabeth prepares for GPC must include the organizational cultures offered in the French subsidiary and to develop