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ANZ Bank

After analysing the ANZ diversity policy, I have identified two key business objectives they are trying to pursue. The first being the ageing population within Australia and the second being an international expansion into Asian economies.

Ageing Population:

Statistics show that Australia has an increasing population of seniors from the age of 50 and over. It is estimated to increase to 57% of the customer population by 2021, making it a large and therefore important market segment for the business overall. With this in mind, ANZ have implemented strategies within their diversity policy that will enable them to better understand the ageing demographic and attend to their specific financial needs.

By integrating
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It is well structured but does lack a modern approach.
• Social Media hyperlinks look outdated and are not as prominent compared to the other big bank wesbites. I feel ANZ are not embracing social media enough, which has been proven (especially for banks) to be a successful integration amongst the general public. Also, compared to the other banks Facebook pages, ANZ has the least amount of likes and followers - by a siginificant number.
I would highly recommend ANZ do a website overhaul in terms of making it look more modern and culturally fitting as this current wesbite comes across too formal and not engaging enough to the general public. However, I would not change the overall structure as it is quite creative. I would also recommend they make their social media links more prominent on the website to further embrace the modern culture.

Overall, ANZ’s diversity policy can be considered very effective. They have really embraced diversity within their organisation’s culture and have set benchmarks in doing so. For example, their inclusivity of sexual orientation within their policy and support for the LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Intesrex) community is unparallel to any other organisation I have researched. They work closely with a not-for-profit organisation called ‘Pride in Diversity’ that provides Australian organisations with


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