Relapse Prevention Plan

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Relapse Prevention Plan
Margaret Farley
Grand Canyon University
PCN 501 November 26, 2014

Relapse Prevention Plan
Jed, a 38 – year old welder, enrolled in the treatment center after his arrest resulting from drunken driving (DUI/DWI) (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, n.d.). His lawyer has advised him to stop drinking and get treatment until his trial date, which is in approximate two months. Jed does not believe that he will serve any jail time, but feels that treatment could help strengthen his court case (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, n.d.). In this paper, I will create a relapse prevention plan that will aid Jed as he enters into his treatment program. This paper will also show
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Jed once attended a few AA meetings, but did not feel that AA was helpful: “It was listening to a lot of guys whining….” This should and will most likely change if he attends a lecture that describes the typical warning signs that precede relapse to chemical use.
Step 4: Warning Sign Identification
Relapsers should be able to determine the problems that resulted into relapse. The main objective here is to list personal warning signs that made them move from a state of stable recovery all the way back to chemical use. There is hardly ever just a single warning sign. Ordinarily a series of warning signs develop one after the other to create relapse. The cumulative effect is what wears them down. The ultimate warning sign is basically last blow. Regrettably most relapsers think it is the last warning sign that caused it all. For this reason, they tend to assume the early and more delicate warning signs that leads to the final disaster.
Step 5: Follow-up
The warning signs are unbound to change with progress in recovery (Field, Caetano, Harris, Frankowski & Roudsari, 2009). Each of the stages involved in the recovery process has distinctive warning signs. The ability to deal with the warning signs of one stage of recovery does not warranty that one will know how to manage the warning signs of the next stage. The relapse prevention plan therefore has to be updated more often which should be; monthly for the first three months, quarterly for the first two years,


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