Recycling Sustainability

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[Sustainability means providing for the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the environment to provide for our future generations. We are responsible for leaving our future generations a safe, healthy environment. We risk human and Wildlife extinction if we continue the way we are going. Our planet cannot sustain human life this way. We can all work together to advert this from happening and we must act individually as well.]

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Local water companies are starting to use solar power to keep their pumps running and saving a lot more money and energy. These solar powered fields are expensive, but in the end save them more money and are worth it for the environment. Natural energy is always the best. There are many still many more ways that we as a community can “Go Green.” (Macro-Level) On a macro-level, we look at major companies such as Petsmart and Disney. Petsmart is the largest specialty pet retailer and the most popular one at that with over eleven hundred stores in America and Canada. They have yet to achieve the credibility they want in terms of sustainability. Petsmart is planning its steps towards environmental conservation. Since 1994, they have donated over fifty two million dollars to animal welfare programs. They have saved nearly three and a half million animals through their non- profit animal welfare organization and adoption services. ( In 2006 a new program was started called “Recycle for Life.” People donated and collected money for homeless pets. These charities would receive anywhere from two to fifteen dollars for every ink cartridge or cellular phone that was recycled. If anyone purchases these recycled items, they would receive two to five dollars for every one sold. Petsmart has also made environment safe products such as safe paw,


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