Wal-Mart - Initiatives That Benefit Society

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Since Wal-Mart opened its doors in the early 1960’s profit as with any corporation has been a main focus. Achieving and succeeding in this however is easier said than done, development and success of a company relies on efficiency in current practices and improvements in those practices to insure the future of the company. A strong sustainability strategy which is closely followed will allow for such growth and success; bringing profits to the organization. Wal-Mart is said to be “a template for 21st Century capitalism” [1, pg 3] they hold a reputation for low prices; however this reputation is not reflective of their profits, as seen during the fiscal year of 2008 Wal-Mart earned $12.73 billion dollars. [2] With such sizable
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Being that they are such a large corporation an example can be set to others in the industry to recognize the importance of these programs. While loss on a product in retail is not ideal, the overall profits of the company are high and affected very little through a few programs with potential for important social and environmental impact.
Farm raised salmon was found to contain 10 times more toxins than wild salmon; by providing fresh wild Alaskan Salmon at a reduced price consumer have a healthier alternative at a moderate price. The same article also stated that farm raised salmon poses risks of cancer, so the decision to provide wild salmon reduces the risk of cancer of the consumer. [5] Salmon that is caught in the wild is a much more nutritious alternative to farm raised, wild fish contain 20% more protein, and 20% less fat , wild fish also contain a healthier ration of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids; all of these factors play a role in the taste of the fish, which overall is said to be better then farm raised salmon. [6] The amount of fish farms has the potential to decrease with a distributor the size of Wal-Mart turning to wild caught fish; this is a strength as the effects to ecosystems will be reduced. Fish farming is thought to be a contributing factor to eutrophication due to the excess organic matter behind in the form of feces, this leads to poor water quality affecting the oxygen content of the water. This subjects the


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