To what extent can urban area be sustainable?

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To what extent can urban areas be sustainable?

Urban sustainability is the idea that an urban area can be organised without excessive reliance on the surrounding countryside and be able to power itself with renewable sources of energy. The aim of this is to create the smallest possible environmental footprint and to produce the lowest quantity of pollution possible, to efficiently use land, compost used materials, recycle it or convert waste-to-energy, and to make the urban area overall contribution to climate change minimal. Therefore allowing the next generations and future generations to have the required resources without compromising them. However sustainably needs to focus also on other issues such as crime and economic factors.
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This has proved to be a valuable service for the poor as they live in areas, which are hard for the recycling team to access. They deliver their waste to a collection point and exchange for goods. The programme costs the same as landfill but has the advantage of improving their health, reducing litter and creating jobs. 30,000 people benefit from this scheme. Economically and socially this is sustainable both in the short term and the long term as it is in the interest of both parties as the government wants to keep the city clean while the people in the poorer areas get rewarded food and bus tickets.

Also Curitiba is a good example of transport management as the government decided against building an underground transport system as it was too expensive to build and running costs would be high. The only way forward was to develop an efficient transport system on the ground. The integrated bus transport system has five major networks which run out from the pedestrianised city centre. Along these arteries are direct routes which go directly to the suburbs, they travel on a two way bus only route. The express buses run along side the direct routes but the express buses stop at bus stops which link the suburbs together to avoid the city centre these are called inter district routes. The feeder buses link from the outskirts of the city to the


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