Questions and Answers on Analyzing Personality Traits

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1. After viewing the Art of Mediation DVD, identify the John Rowan’s sub-personalities from your Reading Assignment for each disputant (Ann and Liz) and explain why you chose the particular sub-personality for each of the disputants. You are permitted to choose more than one sub-personality for each disputant. In addition, select your most predominant sub personality then provide a paragraph about how you believe this will influence your mediation style.

Ann-I believe initially before mediation she was "The Exploder"-she shouted back numerous times no matter the consequence and had a strong energy of frustration. She also was "The Please"-she wanted everyone to get along and maintain happiness in the business. She was "The
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Forming- Gathering information and impressions about each other, and about the scope of the task and how to approach it to benefit the business. Perry Klein, Johnson’s cousin, was the next person that Johnson approached to become the final member of the partnership. Perry lived 1,500 miles away with his wife and children but agreed to relocate to be part of the business venture. Neither Perry’s wife nor children joined him when he relocated for this business venture. Johnson had approached Perry for his sales skills and his ability to connect to community organizations.
Forming- Gathering information and impressions about each other, and about the scope of the task and how to approach it to benefit the business. Soon the company began to grow quite rapidly. The headquarters of the company moved from the basement of Johnson’s home to an affluent neighborhood in the suburbs with an operation of more than 100 employees. At first the working relationship among the three partners seemed to go rather smoothly. Johnson continued to work 12 hour days while both Perry and Verily worked 4-6 hour days. As the company began to grow each partner enjoyed a six figure income of $100,000 each.
Performing- This is the phase where team members start to come together, developing processes, establishing ground rules, clarifying who does what, and how things will be done. The company is growing as the employees are doing what's needed for the company to succeed. The


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