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d) Conflict within the team. e) Team leadership.

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1. The Belbin Profiles 2.1 The Belbin Theory
There are nine team roles in the Belbin Theory as follows. Their personalities and features showed as follows are quiet various. However, heterogeneity is just what effective team need.

The Co-ordinator
Co-ordinators are the manager of a team who motivates and encourages team members to work positively to finally reach the objective. They are so ordinary on the surface that you cannot be aware of their leadership gift immediately. But according to DRNicholls of Warwick Manufacturing Group, “In the terms of the data Belbin has on the Coordinator role, it is a set of commonplace characteristics put together in a very uncommon way”. So what “commonplace characteristics” they have? Their major personality attributes are tolerant, calm, confident and trusting. Meanwhile, they listen to others and are strong enough to say no to others’ advice. What common attribute they also have is average mental ability. According to Belbin, their good average mental ability is easily placed since it is not too low to control employees and is not too high to be approachable. The real unusual part is the combination of all the traits. In team, their preferred activity is to integrate all the human capital into work.

The Shaper
According to DPNicholls, the shaper appears to be the challenging, energetic, extrovert and impatient one. They


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