Quality Management

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Question You are a project management consultant assigned to a small manufacturing firm that has been experiencing a myriad of problems. After conducting interviews and fact-finding with key managers, you have observed the following:

•Company revenues and profits have fallen dramatically over the previous 12 months, along with a drop in market share
•Customer complaints have reached an all time high
•Employee morale is at an all time low
•The company has no formal quality program in place
•No employee training program exists
•High employee turnover continues unabated
•Non-conformance costs are skyrocketing

After analyzing your data, you are now prepared to present your findings to
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By utilizing statistical process control, “X” can apply statistical methods like control charts (Pareto diagrams, cause and effect diagrams) and designed experiments to monitor and control processes to operate predictably to produce the highest grade product with the least possible waste. Variations in a process that may affect the quality of the end product can be corrected, reducing the likelihood that problems will be passed on to customers.
Second of all “X” needs to apply “adopt a zero tolerance policy for errors”. All products manufactured by this company must be durable and good quality. Moreover, a zero defect tolerance should be implemented to reduce and minimize the number of defects and errors in all processes. Therefore, the six sigma quality methodology, which aims to reduce process output variation so that on a long term basis it will result in no more than 3.4 defect parts or defects per mln opportunities, may be instituted to objectively measure and guide efforts toward zero defects. This must be combined with a policy “to do the right thing right the first time” for each process at every level/stage. If everything possible is done to eliminate the likelihood of errors and defects occurring, the need for inspection can be virtually eliminated, customer satisfaction will be greater, and profitability will be


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