Purpose of the Digestive System

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1/What is the purpose of digestion? * Break down food, absorb nutrient from food into body tissues and systems in body
2What is the name given to mammal only eat meat ? * Carnivores
3/What is the name of mammal only eat plant? * Herbivores
4/What is the difference between a fore-gut fermenter and hind-gut fermenter? Example?
Because plant cells have tough cellulose cell walls and herbivore are not able to digest, they use micro- organisms that live symbiotically to break down cellulose in fermentation process into nutrients | Fore- gut fermenter | Hind-gut fermenter | Location of caecum | Carry out digestion in a chamber- rumen, before the true stomach (abomasum). The ruminant stomach consists
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Their food is mainly meat and fat so small meat can provide the dog a lot of energy. -However in dog’s digestive system, the stomach is used to store and digest food in 3 hours. Then the food will pass to small intestine for mainly absorption nutrientIn small intestine, there are a lot of specialised enzymes to break down meat into protein and absorb in bloodstream.-small caecum with unidentified function | Especially in the rumen, there are micro-organisms living symbiotically. Over 200 types of bacteria, 20 different protozoa and numerous fungi evolve in digestion foodThey help break down cellulose into glucose for digestion of the host by produce cellulose enzyme, which can be produce by the host’s digestion. -The 4-chamber stomach is essential for digest food, especially rumen. -The mutualism of bacteria and a cow give a cow a lot of nutrient, bacteria is as source of protein- digestive system is complex and longer than others => digest food and obtain nutrient efficiently-


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