Fast Fit Case

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Dr. Dedeke
Case Study #1

FastFit Case Analysis

1. 1. Mark the main flows of goods and money in the diagram (above) and employ a key or table of descriptive elements to explain your answer.

1. HQ contacts the supplier and tells them how much of each product the company needs.
2. The supplier sends the goods to the FastFit warehouse.
3. The warehouse notifies HQ about receiving the goods and how much of each product is in storage.
4. HQ tells the warehouse, which stores to send the products to, how much product each store needs and when the store needs the products.
5. The warehouse sends the proper amount of each good to the FastFit stores.
6. Customers come into the FastFit stores and
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Also the store can email customer more information about their favorite brands, and suggestions of similar products the customer might like.
Credit Card Information
The customer’s credit card gives personal information on where the customer lives and what purchases they have made in the store.
The store can put up more focused advertisements in the locations where their customers live.
Ask Customers to fill out a survey
Survey will gain information about how customers feel about the store and FastFit’s products. They can see if customers feel like the store has issues, and what people feel needs to be addressed with the overall company.
They can recognize certain issues and address them directly. These might include changing the overall store atmosphere or the quality of products inside. If customers like a certain aspect of the store, FastFit can emphasize this. Maybe try and have a more diversified product mix or different advertising routine.

4. Assume HQ is responsible (HQ issues orders to suppliers and determines what warehouse should deliver to stores) for replenishing inventory at the stores. a) What information (elements) are needed and how are these used to decide what (the warehouse) sends to each store? b) Where do the information elements come from? (use a table to combine the responses for a and b). c) List two reasons why we didn’t have each store decide what (replenishments) to order from the warehouse?


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