1.10 the Great Gatsby

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Part I:

Character Behavior Consequences
Jay Gatsby

Self absorbed He’s let down when all of his action don’t give him the results he wants.
Daisy Buchanan

Careless, selfish She gets the attention she seeks and the guilt becomes too much; especially when the tables turn and she finds out Tom is cheating.
Tom Buchanan Firm, barbaric He loses his mistress and his wife begins to have an affair.
Jordan Baker Self-centered , dishonest Nick leaves her forever.
Myrtle Wilson

Distant to George and annoying with Tom She loses her life in a car accident and ends up hurting George and Tom.
George Wilson

Jealousy His wife as an affair, he kills Gatsby and later takes his own life all after losing his wife.
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Jay Gatsby happens to lack self esteem, and he is dishonest. In the novel all the main characters are selfish and corrupt. Gatsby doesn’t care who he hurts to get what he wants and the in the end he still lacks morality. Daisy Buchanan is only after money and she is very greedy and selfish about it. Daisy was morally bankrupt. She wanted money and she didn’t care who she had to hurt to acquire it. Daisy denied Gatsby’s hand in marriage because he did not have the money she desired but accepted Tom’s proposal because it was an expensive necklace. She later has an affair with Gatsby because he has become rich and doesn’t bother to think that she may hurt Tom or the fact that she is committing adultery.

The United States became filled with corruption during the Roaring Twenties. All of this occurred due to the desire of everyone to be successful and well known. People committed crimes to possess these riches no matter what moral code it violated or law. Everyone desired wealth and popularity by any means necessary. Death or the loss of freedom was even the consequence for the fulfillment of “The American Dream” and people didn’t mind paying the