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DeVry HIT 111 All Discussions – Latest

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week 1
PATIENT DOCUMENTATION ANALYSIS (GRADED) Class, in this thread we will be looking at patient documentation and patient encounters. The purpose of this thread is to familiarize you with the Key Concepts found in Terminal Course Objectives (TCOs) 1 and 2. You must address all of the questions located after the example of surgical history and patient encounter of Darryl McFadden.
History of Present Illness: The patient is a 27-year-old male complaining of right lower-quadrant abdominal pain, nausea, and
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His symptoms are perennial but mainly from March through October. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: 1. Reviewing the surgical history, provide the following in your post. A. Identify one or two medical terms in this report. Deconstruct the components of specific medical terms to identify their meanings. In addition, please pay attention to the spellingand pronunciation of the words. B. Define the abbreviations found in the surgical report. How did you find the meaning of these abbreviations? C. Using what you’ve learned about word parts, describe the types of surgeries listed in the patient’s past surgical history. 2. Reviewing the outpatient encounter of Darryl McFadden, accomplish the following and report in your findings and comments in your post. A. Go to Research a Disease or Condition in the ADAM multimedia encyclopedia. Read all the information under allergies and look at the six images, the photo, and the video on allergies. After studying the material, summarize or paraphrase any information that you use in response to the discussion question this week. Be sure and cite your source appropriately. Do not copy and paste information. B. If Darryl McFadden was your child, what questions would you ask the doctor on the first office visit? 3. General questions: A. Define in your own words the four types of