Management of M&S

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Bus 1004 – Introduction to Management


The aim of this assignment is to understand and explore the main principles of the way Marks and Spencer’s operates. In the assignment I will be examine the strengths and weaknesses of the company, however the most critical issues which will be covered in the essay is the leadership and management style and corporate culture of Marks and Spencer’s. Furthermore I will analyse to what extent o regard leadership and management style as the key factors in accounting for Marks and Spencer’s relative underperformance over the last 20 years.

Explain 5 strengths and 5 weaknesses of Marks and Spencer’s

Referring back to the case study, we can see that Marks and Spencer have a very well
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The company also had very little focus on a younger generation which might have helped them rival with their competitions such as Next and Zara, also their old traditional fashion was not helping them to rival with big fashionable competitors such as Zara.

Discuss to what extent you regard the following as key factors in accounting for Marks & Spencer’s relative underperformance over the last 20 years;

• Leadership and Management style

• Corporate culture

Leadership involves the influence and power of managing and leading, management all depends on influencing others.

The management of Marks and Spencer’s were very slow in keeping up with the retail environment. They didn’t use the knowledge of the changing consumer needs, they should have taken a more autocratic leadership this is Vroom and Yetton’s decision model is to influence the quality and acceptability of decisions. The model defines different leadership styles and problems. An Autocratic leadership is where you have to solve the problem yourself using the knowledge and information you have at the time. Vroom and Yetton argue that that the autocratic approach is the best approach to use.( David Boddy) The company relied too heavily on their strong brand of quality instead of keeping up to date with the fashion and this left Marks and Spencer’s to underperform and keep up with their rivals.

We can see that the management failed to


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