Case Study : Struggling Operations in a Manufacturing Organization

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Case Study # 6: Struggling Operations in a Manufacturing Organization
Stakeholder analysis:
Within this case study, many individuals can be referred to as stakeholders. The individuals residing in the two states where the plants are located may be affected by any changes that occur within their geographic area. In addition, federal, state, and local government agencies are responsible for the enforcement of laws that the business may be required to abide by.
The Chief Operations Officer (COO) and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) are the responsible individuals, which must make the appropriate decisions in order to protect the company’s wealth. As the COO, responsibilities include supervision of the three different product lines that
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The employees lack confidence in management due to the prior manager of this plant whom promised extra pay rewards if production goals were met but did not follow through with this. His defense was that the COO did not permit the extra bonus to be granted. As COO, this agreement was not brought to your attention and a decision was made to fire the previous manager. Jay was hired to meet production goals without offering extra pay rewards that were not necessary in this plant since wages were already high. This plant can greatly benefit the company but in order to keep it from “running to the ground” again, Jay must try to build back the confidence of his employees.
Chronology of Events: The company has been financially successful in the past ten years but in the past four months has been struggling financially. The problem is due to an economic downturn within local, regional, and national levels. Also, the financial standing of the company may be affected by the lack of communication of problems that have been arising. As COO, you set up a meeting with the three head managers of the plants which the company owns. You speak to each manager individually to get a break down of the issues that occurring within each plant. An analysis of weaknesses and strengths among the three managers is made. The issues that have been brought to your attention mainly regard the shop employees. In addition, the management seems to be lacking traits that leaders should


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