Retrospective Analysis of Personality

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Retrospective Analysis of Personality
Intro to Psychology
August 31, 2014

I found doing this paper quite exciting to a certain point, until I really took a moment to glance back into my life and see the changes that have taken place. Through the years I have wondered what made me change my personality towards the way I look at things but now I see why. I drastically made those changes due to the different people and environments I have been. My personality started out as helping anyone I could, even if it left me broke. I still had that great feeling of helping someone out. My sense of humor and acting silly is something I can’t change because I myself enjoy it so much and need it; in this day and age. I have change me eagerness to
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We love to agree with people who agree with us. It's why we only visit websites that express our political opinions, and why we mostly hang around people who hold similar views and tastes. We tend to be put off by individuals, groups, and news sources that make us feel uncomfortable or insecure about our views what the behavioral psychologist B. Skinner called cognitive dissonance. It's this preferential mode of behavior that leads to the confirmation bias the often unconscious act of referencing only those perspectives that fuel our pre-existing views, while at the same time ignoring or dismissing opinions no matter how valid that threaten our world view. And paradoxically, the internet has only made this tendency even worse.

The field of human psychology is a strong strength in modern society, and its influence is widespread in language, law, the social contract, and in our perception of ourselves. Because legal decisions are sometimes made based on psychology, decisions that might cause someone to be incarcerated or freed, it is important to establish whether psychology is a science or a simple belief system. We should determine whether psychology can be relied on to objectively support the social and legal policies that are based on it. In modern times, such a serious public burden can only be borne by a


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