Convention Tourism Being Saturated?

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Recent years, conventions and meetings industry has been recognized as one of the most important contributor in tourism industry. It is speedily developing with a significant contribution to both business and leisure-related tourism (Rogers, 2008). Despite the rapid growth, the industry remains the same as creating social network, bringing people together to communicate by sharing information, exchanging ideas, launching new products and technology which add values to contribute to the economy of the host destinations.
Without a deep thought planning, lots of destinations rush herself to this golden pool in order to share the “economic cake”. Does the industry still having “unlimited” growth potential or if it is saturated? Should “all”
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Lee and Lee (2006) pointed out that new facilities and government promotion are the vital elements for the development of conventions and meetings industry to a mature stage. It is no doubt that government support has contributed the top conventions and meetings destinations in the world. South Korea and Singapore are the real examples. South Korea and Singapore governments spare no efforts in promoting it to be the top class destinations. The Korean government spent significant amount of public funds for the infrastructure for the convention industry and its promotion (Lee and Lee, 2006) after the establishment of Convention Industry Promotion Law in 1996, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MCT) has introduced a national exam for professional convention organizer in 2002 in order to maintain a standard; while Singapore Tourism Board, which is 100% National government, has innovated an intelligent platform in website to cross-share insights and reach consumers for sustaining a long-term business (Anonymous, 2010). In addition, “BE (Business Events) in Singapore” scheme was launched in August 2006 to support the evolving and varied requirements of the business and industry (, 2010l)
However, it is difficult to judge if the industry still having unlimited growth potential. Many researchers commented the