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Principles of Professional Practice
FN2C 34
Principles of Regulation For Professional Practice
Pamela Dickson
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1.Terms of reference
For this assignment I have been asked to compile a report that compares and contrasts the principles of regulation of two care professions. The two care professions that I have chosen to compare and contrast are Nursing Care and Social work Care.
2. Proceedure
2.1. Given assignment with choice professions to compare, given date for submission.
2.2. Decided to compare and contrast the Nursing profession and Social work profession.
2.3. Various websites were analysed to gather information.
2.4. Regulatory bodies of chosen professions were used to gather information, Nursing and
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Failing to comply with these requirements will cause their registration to lapse, resulting in them no longer being able to practice. The prep standard is made up of two components; the prep CPD standard which states that nurses must, undertake at least 35 hours of learning activity relevant to their practice every three years, maintain a personal professional profile of their learning activity and comply with any requests to audit how they have met these requirements.
The Prep practice standard, stipulates that nurses and midwives must have completed a number of hours in practice. For nursing the number of hours is 450.
3.3.(ii) The Scottish social services council require registrants to complete 90 hours of CPD every three years and evidence of this must be submitted when re-registering.
Newly qualified social workers must complete 144 hours of CPD within 12 months of the date on registration is granted. Five days or 30 hours of this must relate to the protection of children and adults from harm. After completing the first 12 months of practice their record of achievement must be submitted on or before the 14 month anniversary of the date on which registration was granted. A further 10 days or 60 hours of CPD during the remainder of their registration period.
3.3. Clinical governance is the