Critique"the Manager’s Job: Folklore and Fact"

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Individual Critique

The Manager’s Job:

Folklore and Fact

By Henery Mintzberg


• Does anyone can fully expound what is manager’s job? The purpose of the
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(Henery Mintzberg, 2009). So that this part of article only explains what manager’s job from the surface, and people always neglect the basic content of the manager’s job and have hardly addressed the major issues and dilemmas in its practice. (Henery Mintzberg, n.d.)

• Throught the article, there is only one major reason seems to be mentioned that why managers don’t know what they do, it is that the pressure. To really comprehend why they feel puzzled about their job, there are some more reasons should be dicussed. Undoubtedly, pressure is one of the most important reasons, but does anyone know where are the pressure coming from?

1. Continuous change of work, occupational planning and the manner of living. (Richard Scase & Robert Goffee 1989). No one can avoid dealing with details during your office hours even the CEO. A good way is to keep not particular important things to your scretary, record important thing to see if there is a time. The other two involve more like social and family responsibilities and own life planning, people appear to have more stronger pressure when it changes from a good side to a bad one.

2. The change of organizational structure and superior or colleagues’s behavior. (Richard Scase & Robert Goffee 1989). People are always adjust their own behavior along with colleages or superiors responses, hence, if