Project Charter

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Project Name | SCI IT Infrastructure Upgrade | Project Number | 001 | Project Manager | Tiffany Santiago | Prioritization | | Owner(s) | Dan Black, CEO | Start Date: | 03/06/2013 | Scheduled Completion Date: | 04/25/2013 |

Mission/ purpose | What is your project going to accomplish? The Project will accomplish an immediate need to develop and implement an Enterprise Information system upgrade. The A-Team will develop a project charter, scope, and a project plan to create and implement an Enterprise Information System for the SCI Corporation and the need for upgrading their IT infrastructure. We will Plan, Procure, Install and Individualize each workstation with needed software and setup requirements, along with many other
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Additionally SCI desires that the system allow for at least five years of life including anticipated growth that will be incurred. Off-the-shelf technology will be used whenever possible.Module Integration SCI wishes to avoid proprietary technology wherever possible, so to accomplish this, A-Team will utilize only standard IBM interface equipment. This will ensure that any equipment repairs will not require expensive or outdated proprietary components. Additionally all system components will be verified to allow interoperability with all required networks currently in use by SCI. This will allow for standard reports and ad hoc report generation. Is there financial or business reason to do this project? Yes, the most notable of all the reason for this upgrade is the financial aspect. SCI was unable to bid on numerous contracts this FY due to the IT limitations. These limitations involved slow processing, slow data exchange, some software programs being corrupted due to a lack of storage area and improper backups due to the lack of a backup storage medium.Initial Cost Benefit Analysis Numbers:-4,560,000 for the first year +13,442,000 at the end of year number five after install32,500 Inflation calculated at 2.6% aver for the last 36mths12,500 Lost Return On Investment calculated at 1.01% highest Everbank Discount


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