Hayward Healthcare Systems

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Hayward Healthcare Systems, Inc: A Case Analysis
Case Summary Mr. Bob Jackson is the new operations manager in Hayward Healthcare Systems. He came in to solve a number of problems with the distribution center including high levels of defects and errors in orders from clients. In just a few weeks after accepting the position, Mr. Jackson discovered that the former manager hired supervisors on the basis of job seniority and friendship. Moreover, many of his employees were convicted felons who disturbed the work environment. Arguments and other issues between employees were solved with physical or verbal abuse; this in part was because background and references were not checked prior to hiring those employees and managers and supervisors
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On the other hand, because of their violent background, employees were used to settle their differences with physical and verbal attacks to each other. Even worse, poor management did not attend these issues letting the situation to escalate. The climax of this situation came when Mr. Ed. Williams and Mr. Buddy Jones got into a heated dispute on the type of music that was played in the worksite. Considering that Mr. Jackson’s workforce included minorities, including black people such as Mr. Williams, it was essential for upper level management to develop a corporate policy on this, which at the time they did not have. In contrast to past managers, who failed to discipline negative actions, Mr. Jackson had to be sure to both discipline these two employees and advocate for a corporate strategy that would specify music issues in order to avoid similar situations over the long run.
Alternatives Identified Upon this issue, Mr. Jackson is limited in his alternatives. As a newly hired manager, he must decide on two important issues: the situation of Mr. Williams and Mr. Jones and also how he will prevent similar situations in the future. I have identified two alternatives on the situation of his employees and also one on how to prevent future harsh situations. Also, an option has been identified so Mr. Jackson in case he can not deal with the situation. In reference to the situation between Mr. Williams and Mr. Jones, Mr. Jackson can:
•Accept the


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