Cis 517 - Case Study 1

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Week 3 Case Study 1: Green Computing Research Project – Part 1
James Johnson
IT Project Management – CIS 517 Dr. Howell
July 31, 2012

As technology increases through massive changes it becomes apparent that the individual user must also make changes that are environmentally safe. Green IT, also known as Green Computing, is the movement towards a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective use of power and production in technology. The crux of Green IT is to double or triple the bottom line investment costs by converting existing structures and systems to this more conservative mode of operation in green computing (, 2012). The greening of information technology (IT) offers numerous ways for companies to
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Telecommuting 4. Thin Client solutions 5. Use of open source software 6. Development of new software to address green computing for internal use and potential sale to other organizations. | Main Project Success Criteria: Completion of the project within the budget and with pre-established timelines to the satisfaction of the customer with the agreed objectives fully met while achieving cost-savings throughout its lifetime. Provide an extensive report that includes financial analysis and recommendations on which green computing technologies that require implementation. | Approach: | * This Project will involve 5 team members: Project Manager along with five people who will be dedicated to work full time during 6 months. * Priority will be people already working in the company * There may be people from other areas required on as-needed basis who can start quickly. * The Project Manager will do more than just manage the project; he will be involved in the research, writing, editing and the like required to produce the desired results. * The Manager also will be open to hiring an expert for their advice and purchasing books and related articles, as needed. * Review internal/external templates along with management documents. * Hold weekly progress report meetings with the project team and sponsor respectively. | ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES | Role | Name | Organization/Position | Contact Information | Sponsor | Ben