Professional Development in Nursing

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Professional Development of Nursing Professionals Today’s healthcare system is consistently evolving with new advances, technologies, and evidence based research, which challenges nurses to continue to stay on top of the industry to meet the increasing demands of our specialty to ensure continued safe and effective practice, and positive patient outcomes. Nursing most specifically is focused on a future of preventative, community, and palliative care to promote an increase in healthy living, and a proactive approach to ones health which will help to prevent an increase in healthcare cost in the future. In order to be successful our profession will need to focus on nursing education, leadership, and nursing practice. Nurses are the …show more content…
Changing this culture will not be easy. (IOM, pg. 223), but will be necessary in reaching the IOM goals.
Meeting the goals of the IOM report through practice change
To successfully meet the goals of the IOM report nurses should be motivated to further their education and obtain advanced degrees and certifications. I am currently in the bridge program through GCU to obtain my Master’s in Nursing as I see value in advanced education for my career, my employer, and my patients. Knowing the need for advance practice nurses and the goal for primary care, managers and leaders should advocate for even further education of their nurses for advanced practice. I try to surround myself with leaders who will motivate and help cultivate nurses to become more educated and advanced not only for personal growth, but to enhance the offerings of the facility for patients. Hospitals would need to ensure opportunities for training and advanced skill set are regularly available so nurses can stay proficient and top of the field. I take full advantage of skills days, and continuing education credits when offered from my hospital. I also seek out outside organizations who conduct presentations and workshops related to my practice.

The Impact of the IOM Report


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