Industrial Relations-Labour Laws

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A detailed examination of the Jamaican Labour Laws

HRNM 6015/ HR67A Industrial Relations and Negotiations

(Semester II: 2013)

University of the West Indies

Department of Social Sciences

An exploration into whose interest is served by the law and the reality of a class bias.


Submitted as partial completion of the requirement for the Masters of Science Degree Human Resource Development at the UWI (Mona)

Labour law in the Caribbean and Jamaica in particularly has traditionally been shaped by social, economic and political influences Goolsaran (2005). Over the past 100 years, its major challenge has been its response to social and political demands for workers’ rights, justice and democracy
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The Labour Laws of Jamaica
The Jamaican Labour laws are inclusive of the collective labour laws (legislation) and individual labour laws also known as the common law.

Important Labour laws include:

Trade Union Act, 1919

Labour Relations & Industrial Disputes Act (LRIDA), 1975 Labour Relations Code

Employment (Termination and Redundancy Payment) Act, 1974

Holiday with Pay Act, 1974

Minimum Wage Act, 1938

Maternity Leave Act, 1979

Labour legislation in Jamaica can be placed into five groups or areas of operations which the labour laws were enacted for. This includes:

1. Organizational laws 2. Rights law 3. Protective law 4. National Minimum Laws 5. Specific occupational laws

Organizational laws.Organisational laws are concerned with how one organizes a group of people or form organizations. The Trade Union Act, 1919 as amended is the only organizational law in Jamaica affecting the Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management field it:

i. defines a trade union, ii. provides for its (a) registration, (b) administration, and (c) procedures in conducting disputes iii. prohibits violence and stalking.
By the act a trade union is defined as:
“Any combination,


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