Case Study Bill and Melinda Gates Leadership

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Case summary 1. What do you think Bill and Melinda Gate’s personality traits are for each of the Big Five dimensions? Compare the two.
Big Five Dimensions * Surgency: leadership & extraversion traits * Agreeableness: traits related to getting along with people * Adjustment: traits related to emotional stability * Conscientiousness: traits related to achievement * Openness to experience: being willing to change and try new things
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2. Which of the nine traits of effective leaders would you say has had the greatest impact on Bill and Melinda Gates’s success? Compare the two.
Bill Gates * First is dominance. Bill Gates is dominance inhis
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And Melinda has more influence than Bill when investing their assets philanthropic projects.
Presenter: compare the two

3. Which motivation would McClelland say was the main need driving Bill and Melinda Gates to continue to work so hard despite being worth many billions of dollars?
+ Bill Gates: His major need is need for achievement * Internal locus for control * He is known as a demanding boss who encourages creativity and recognize employee achievements. * Since he started with Microsoft, he had never stopped setting targets or goals. * Since he was very young, he had come across much achievement but he still didn’t stop his eager (ambition) for achievement. * He would not be easily turned down with failure but he tends to keep focused on his wish to achieve what he wanted. * Self- confident: * He had self-confident in presenting his product * Although Microsoft had to face with a lot of lawsuits against the company but he was still self- confident that he was doing the right decision for himself and firm. * Bill Gates had vision and goals-oriented. * He is not dreaming to own the world, but he is demanding to supply essential products for current trend. These goals are realistic and within margin of achievement. * Bill Gates had a vision to merge the home entertainment into a single box. Microsoft already released Media Center PC which competing with Ti VO in European Union market. He has the