Pest Analysis of Gap Inc

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PEST Analysis for GAP Politics
Globalization has been a current trend to every industry which also includes the apparel and fashion industry in which is due to the construction of import international facilities and establishment.

It has been noted that when products are traded, regulations and policies are present. With these regulations and policies, company’s operations may be impaired. Some countries also control the entrance of foreign companies which would also affect the process of operation of these companies. Large tax implementation is one of the controls that government usually pursues. With such government control many companies are impaired and usually can not operate on those countries.

In the case of the regulations in
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To provide comfort and aesthetic value, while still being friendly to the environment, these new fashions use the latest developments of many different technologies.

The utilization of new software and technology for faster production and marketing, which is more helpful and useful because it makes the job of the employees and management easier and error free.
There are a number of opportunities for GAP to grow and these are the apparel industry in Asia industry, GAP must give more emphasis on this sector because consumers buy apparel products that have low prices and is closer to home wherein GAP has the characteristics.

The weaknesses of the target company include the fact that the organization has not yet expanded to rural areas in the Asian continent. In addition, the size of the stores of GAP is lower compare to other retail companies in the Asia. Lastly, the image of the company which is a retail store that caters to apparel hinders the ability to obtain market share in other aspects of the retail business.

Emergence of new knowledge resulted from a publicly financed, scientific problem solving. Eventually, the generation of this new knowledge is not primarily for application purposes or for any guided interest. However, such there are new knowledge which usually carries some commercial business potential. Evidently, national capabilities in


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