Range of Decision to Be Taken

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-Discuss the range of decisions to be taken

-Examine the information and knowledge needed to ensure effective decision taking

-Assess internal and external sources of information and understanding

-Justify recommendations for improvement


Range of Decisions to be taken

The technique I choose for a given decision will be influenced by the importance and complexity of the decision. Decision making without planning is common but usually it doesn't do the work, there is a 20 year of research that have pointed out 50 percent of decisions made have failed and I believed that the reasons half of these decisions made have failed was mostly because of the methods they have
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The performance of the employees must be look at in details and if they out-perform the others we should also give them a raise in the company. Its best to spread the stock share among the management levels as giving them salaries would not satisfy them anymore, they need the feeling of owning part of the firm so they could take care of the company like their child (Internal information).

2. If the second strategic decision is applied by the company to create a positive impact toward the government and citizens while keeping their human resource expense at the lowest level we would need some tactical decisions to support it too. There are many ways and types of workforces that could be gathered, if the firm prefers to gather people who have good potentials they could start giving scholarships to well performed university students so they have to work for the firm for a limit amount of years and after they reach the limit they could decide to leave or stay (External information).

Operational Decisions

1. To support the first tactical decision I recommend a weekly report of the team members or employees by the team leader to acknowledge their performance and make sure the right person gets the credits and the raise (Internal information).

2. To support the second tactical decision I recommend the HR department to develop a team who are in constant checkup of different individuals from different universities to make sure they are going to hire the best and the right


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