Personality Assessment paper

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Personality Assessment Paper
Rochester College
Erica Schwartz

Everybody has his or her own type of personality. We all act in a certain way that makes us who we are. It is believed that our parents, peers and, the environment we grow up in, shape us. Personality is describes as a combination of emotions, attitude, and behavioral patterns of an individual. There is a reason that we are the way we are and there are many theories that go along with that. Different theorist present their own definitions of the word personality based on their own theoretical positions. Which brings us to discussing Carl Jung’s theory of analytical psychology and Harry
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any more." Jung uses the term feeling to describe the process of evaluating an idea or event. Introverted feeling people base their values judgments primarily on subjective perceptions rather than objective facts. They ignore traditional opinions and beliefs, and their nearly complete indifference to the objective world, including people, and it often causes the people around them to feel uncomfortable and to cool their attitude towards them. Stewie most definitely goes against the traditional beliefs and values; he has his own idea of what is right and wrong. His feelings towards things are very different than any other character on the show. Stewie tends to hang around the family dog Brian more than anyone, and at times you can tell that Brian feels uncomfortable with Stewie’s thoughts and feelings. This shows that Stewie has introverted feelings. The next function is sensation; this function receives physical stimuli and transmits perceptual consciousness. It is simply the individual’s perception of sensory impulses. Introverted sensing people are largely influenced by their subjective sensations of sight, sound, taste, and touch. These are usually artist of some kind. In a way, Stewie is an artist. Though he has little kid drawings, they are very detailed and extremely personalized. They give interpretation to an objective phenomena yet are able to communicate meaning to others as well. Intuition involves perception beyond the workings of


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