Childhood Experiences Affect Personality and Behaviour in Adulthood

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THESIS STATEMENT: Childhood experiences affect Personality and Behaviour In
I. Introduction

A. The controversy B. Statement of the Problem C. Significance of the Study

II. Childhood Experiences affect personality and behaviour in Adulthood

A. The type of discipline used in Early Childhood affects child behaviour, attitude & personality.

B. Personality & temperament is present at birth but is reshaped by the child experiences & environment.

C. The Parent-Child relationships contribute changes to the development of the child’s self-concept & individuality.

III. Conclusion

Introduction The world is a vast land for us humans. Humans that was different in each other, and
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One must have a better view on his own to have a pleasant personality. Our personality affects our relationship to others. Through this study parents would be aware on what would be the effects of their parenting styles in the development of their young’s.

Kinds of Discipline used in Early Childhood affect the Behaviour, Attitude and Personality

There were three types of discipline used in early childhood; these were the Authoritarian, Permissive & Democratic Discipline. Authoritarian discipline is the traditional form of discipline & is based on the old saying “to spare the rod means spoiling the child” In this type of discipline, parents or guardians formulate rules & inform the child that they are expected to abide by them. Permissive Discipline is an opposite of Authoritarian.In this disciplinary technique it is believed that children would learn from the consequences of their acts & how to behave in a socially approved way. Democratic Discipline, its democratic principles emphasize the rights of the child to know why the rules are made & to have an opportunity to express their opinions if they believe the rule is unfair (Gaerlan et al., 1994).

The following are the effects on the behaviour of the child brought up on a certain kind of discipline. Thechild, who brought up on Authoritarian, will be overly obedient, and submissive to


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